New Web Conference: Frothy and no women

The other day I was talking with a developer (who’ll remain unnamed cause he didn’t know I was gonna quote him) and he told me about all the froth he was seeing in the Web 2.0 space. He was wondering where the people were who were paying attention to business. Profits. Customers. He pointed to a lot of the events he’s been attending lately and said “they are frothy.”

One event, the New New Internet, is so frothy that a few people like Christopher Locke are even thinking it’s a parody. I had to look at it several times to realize this was a real conference, not something funny. As Dave says, they are excited about being excited. Frothy.

One other thing. I watched the video from that conference and I notice that there aren’t any women there. Frothy, without women. Oh, I’m SO excited! 🙂