Sad days…

I was over at Matt Cutts blog where he is relieved I am not talking about Google so that he can take the day off. But, while over there someone in his comments said “RIP Steve Irwin” and several others said “sad day” etc. So, I head over to Google News to read the sad news. He was the famous “Crocodile Hunter” that I, and millions of others, enjoyed watching on TV.

Then, over on Jory Des Jardin’s blog I learn that Craig Cline had died (she was with him when he died and wrote that up, I actually found out from Dave Winer, who linked to Jory’s blog this morning). He was the head of programming for Seybold. They had a famous conference for publishers (I had attended back in the 1990s).

Bummer. Hope your day is going better.


The world’s ultimate committee (happy Labor Day!)


Ahh, to some people the dropping knowledge project sounds like a great idea, right? Get 112 smart people around a table to answer the world’s deepest questions. Some good will come out of this, you might be thinking. Sorry, this will bring about some lunacy, but I doubt anything deep will come out of it. Why?

Because it’s the world’s ultimate committee! Now you can watch — in real time — why great companies slow down their innovation rate when joined in with a larger company.

Committees suck the soul out of all great ideas. This one included.

Thanks Hugh Macleod for your ascerbic commentary on this and for linking me to the world’s ultimate committee. Sigh. We should hand every participant here a copy of the Mythical Man Month. Adding more smart people to the committee doesn’t make it smarter.

Oh, and happy labor day to those of you inside the United States. Maryam is celebrating by making me labor for her. Translation: no more blogging today. 🙂

Update: you can make your own talking Web page over at SitePal. Long Zheng tried it out on his “I’m Windows Vista page.” Fun, but not something I think I’d use.

Finally, Rocketboom has a tugboat challenge from New York City.

Have a good day, even if your wife is asking you to do a bunch of chores.