A conversation with the inventors of Sun’s ZFS

Smart dudes. 45 minutes. Talking about Sun Microsystems’ ZFS. File storage system that’s used on a ton of datacenter computers and is rumored to be used in a future version of OSX.

You know, I hope you are enjoying these conversations as much as I do. Getting to talk with some of the industry’s smartest people just is such a privilege. I pinch myself every day.

What do we discuss here? Storage trends, stories about how ZFS came about, data center trends they are seeing, and a lot more.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/09/PID_012439/Podtech_SUN_ZFS.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1619/talking-storage-systems-with-suns-zfs-team&totalTime=2801000&breadcrumb=e1b8c2c0d80e4cc0820f00f2aaf36935]