A conversation with the inventors of Sun’s ZFS

Smart dudes. 45 minutes. Talking about Sun Microsystems’ ZFS. File storage system that’s used on a ton of datacenter computers and is rumored to be used in a future version of OSX.

You know, I hope you are enjoying these conversations as much as I do. Getting to talk with some of the industry’s smartest people just is such a privilege. I pinch myself every day.

What do we discuss here? Storage trends, stories about how ZFS came about, data center trends they are seeing, and a lot more.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/09/PID_012439/Podtech_SUN_ZFS.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1619/talking-storage-systems-with-suns-zfs-team&totalTime=2801000&breadcrumb=e1b8c2c0d80e4cc0820f00f2aaf36935]


Steve Jobs gets on Facebook?

Patrick Scoble just texted me this: “LMFAO Steve showed off the facebook app on the itouch.”

First things first. I gotta talk to Patrick about his language. I’m sure he’ll come up with an inventful response for what “F” stands for in his message.

Anyway, why is he laughing? Because when I got a chance to meet Steve Jobs after the last press conference I asked Steve “are you on Facebook?”

He looked at me strange and answered “no.”

I guess Joe Hewitt’s app converted him. (It still is my favorite app on the iPhone).

Anyway, that’s Patrick’s first reaction to what was announced today. I’m sure there’s more coming. I’m texting him back saying “was being the first kid in school with an iPhone worth $200?”

Email ain’t going away

Here’s one of my conversations lately (this conversation pretty much happened this way the other night):

FAMILY FRIEND: “Can you email me photos of your new baby as soon as possible?”

ME: “I’ll put them on my Flickr.”

FAMILY FRIEND: “What’s that?”

ME: “It’s where I share my photos.”

FAMILY FRIEND: “Why are you being a jerk, just email them to me!”

ME: “I will put them on my Flickr account. Flickr is a much better place for you to look at photos, plus I can get them there from my cell phone without doing any work so you’ll get them faster.”

FAMILY FRIEND: “How do I get to your Flickr account and why can’t you just email me your photos?”

ME: “Just visit my blog, I link to my Flickr feed there.”

FAMILY FRIEND: “I don’t know where your blog is.”

ME: “Go to Google and search for my name and you’ll find my blog.”

FAMILY FRIEND: “I don’t get why you can’t just email me them. Well, can you at least let me know when your new baby arrives via email?”

ME: “Yeah, I’ll do that on my Twitter account, which will also show up on my Pownce account, and on my Facebook account, among others, just watch those places with your RSS Reader.”

FAMILY FRIEND: “GGGggggaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.”

MARYAM CHIMES IN: “Don’t worry, he’ll email you. I’ll make sure of it.”

ME: Realizes this is pretty stupid but has a plan. I’ll email everyone when my Twitter account, Zooomr account, Flickr account, Facebook account, Pownce account, Plaxo account, YouTube account, Kyte account, Jaiku account, and my blog are all updated with baby stuff.

Yes, the birth of our baby is about to bring the world more email. 🙂

Anyone have an email system that’d watch all the above for mentions of “Milan” or “Baby” and send out an alert to a preset list of people?

And now you know the trouble that these Web 2.0 sites will have in getting everyday people to try them out.

UPDATE: Barbara gave me heck for not having a Tumblr account, so here’s my Tumblr account. Heheh.