TechCrunch: Linkblogs are evil?

Ahh, TechCrunch gets after linkblogs and warns Google not to turn on more features in Google Reader.

As publisher of the biggest linkblog on the Internet, with about 300,000 items collected over the past year, you might be right to sense that I don’t agree.

But you’d be wrong.

Content producers should be able to keep their content off of such link blogs.

The thing is TechCrunch is way behind the times here. If you don’t want your content used on such link blogs you should look at what Sphinn is doing: providing only partial text feeds.

Also, reputable link bloggers should comply with the wishes of content producers.

So, Mike Arrington, are you asking me to stop link blogging TechCrunch? If so, I’ll unsubscribe from your blog and stop doing it.

I figured that since I’ve been doing it for a year without a single complaint from any of the feeds I’ve been using that the copyright holders have agreed that linkblogging is OK with them.

Is that no longer the case?

You all know my email and phone number 425-205-1921.


Get ready for news!

Yesterday Rocky and I headed over to Mike Arrington’s house.

If we could schedule this I wouldn’t have brought a baby into the world in the next two weeks. Not that we knew this two-week period was going to be the heaviest news cycle of the year nine months ago (or that we could control when Milan decided he wanted to arrive. 🙂 ).

Damn, there’s a LOT of news that’s going to be flowing next week. 40 companies at TechCrunch 40 are launching. Then another 60 or so coming at Demo, a week later.

One of those companies just was here. Very cool.

If the other 100 are as cool as the one I just saw, you are in for a real treat the next few weeks. I have NO idea how we’ll all keep up.

Definitely be watching TechMeme every day, though. Arrington told me a little bit about what’s coming and even the big companies are launching stuff. All the PR guns are going to be firing and that means a LOT of news.

Me? We’re shipping something a little different. Maybe we’ll drop by TechCrunch 40 and show it off. 🙂


I couldn’t sleep last night very well. 9/11 was playing in my head. It’s interesting, on the five previous anniversaries I didn’t give 9/11 much thought but with a baby on the way that day’s events are playing in my head in Technicolor.

It’s too bad that my blogs from that day are gone forever due to my own ineptitude. Translation: I didn’t back them up.

But, they do live on as memories. Not the good kind, either. The kind that are reserved for horrible events. Why does the human brain store those so well? I can play back the 1989 earthquake. The Shuttle crash. Elvis dying. Yosemite flooding. And 9/11 back over and over in HD in my brain.

Of the good events in my life my wedding and the birth of Patrick are the only ones stored in this kind of clarity in my head.

Speaking of Patrick, I remember letting him watch that morning’s events on CNN. I remember then thinking maybe I was being a bad parent. I’ve had that thought since then cause Patrick has been afraid of flying ever since then and has taken fewer risks than he might otherwise have done.

I remember thinking I wanted him to understand why his world was messed up. Why he needed to stand in sometimes hour-long security lines at airports. Why we were at war with Iraq. Why the economy of his world will be worse than it would have been otherwise.

9/11/01 was a different time. I’ve had four jobs since then (Userland, NEC, Microsoft, and now PodTech). I’ve moved four times. I was married to someone different. I have had four cars, one accident (which also is stored in my brain in HD). My mom was still alive. So was my grandma.

That was a world without Flickr. Without HD. Without YouTube. Without Ustream. Without Facebook. Without Google Reader. Without WordPress. Without Twitter. Without Without iPhone.

I read Mark Cuban today and realize I, too, pinch myself every day and realize I have an ultra wonderful life. Especially after a day I had yesterday when I interviewed my good friend Shel Israel, two CEOs (including one who runs one of the world’s great processor companies), and someone named Zuckerberg. Almost all of it shared with my friend and producer Rocky Barbanica.

So much of our world has changed in six short years. Weird, I’m “J, J, J, J”ing through Google Reader’s feeds and just found Christopher Penn who already wrote most of what I’m writing here.

Sometime soon (real soon now) Maryam and I will bring a new life into the world.

It’s focusing my attention on what Penn asked: how do you improve the world?

Anyway, I’m off with Maryam to see her doctor. We’ll Twitter as soon as something changes.

Just wanted to say thank you to all the people who’ve made this life better, particularly the firefighters, the police officers, and those other people who serve to make the world a better place.