The singularity is in RSS

Lots of interesting posts caused by the Singularity Summit going on today.

I wish I were there, but we’re enjoying our Saturday before baby coming.

Anyone else think that the singularity is coming because of our RSS readers?

Oh, funny, Kevin Schofield (he works up at Microsoft Research) links to a report that subcutaneous RFID chips cause cancer.

So, doesn’t look good for chip implants coming anytime soon.

You know, one of my goals is to have my own personal “FooCamp” every single day of the rest of my life.

Looking at my link blog I’m already there. I have more than 4,000 smart people on my RSS feed that I get to listen to.

Add in my job where I get to have conversations every day.

I have a feeling next week is going to be a great week. Our new son is due. When will Milan arrive? Who knows but he’ll never know a world without feeds. Imagine that.

Patrick, who now is 13, will never know a world without Netscape (now Firefox).

Isn’t it an exciting time to be alive? The world’s smartest people write to you every day.

Or, just watch TED Talks.

I love this song by Vusi Mahlasela.

Who needs the singularity?

It’s already here, coursing through our RSS aggregators.

UPDATE: Renee Blodget is blogging the Singularity Summit and sharing photos.


Halo 3 Launch Party? Yeah!

UPDATE: All the tickets are gone. Thanks!

9/24/2007. Silicon Valley. Secret location. The first 40 people who leave a comment here get an invite. Today only. What? Halo 3 launch party. Held by Microsoft. One of the tickets goes to Tantek cause he let me watch him play Halo for hours one time and is still the best guy I’ve seen play. So, that leaves 39 tickets.

1. Daniel Brusilovsky
2. Brian Caldwell
3. Shooby
4. Danielle
5. Bryan Guffey
6. Mike Chambers
7. Daniel Dura
8. Dave Winer
9. Chris Weiss
10. Liana Lehua
11. Matthias Zeller
12. Adam
13. Andy
14. Nick Gonzalez
15. Liana (I got some more tickets to cover her five friends).
16. Liam
17. Shaun
18. CraigN
19. Kevin
20. Jeremy
21. Richard
22. Tomas
23. Keith
24. Chris
25. JT
26. gwhiz
27. Harrison
28. Shannon
29. Jason
30. Geektieguy
31. khoi
32. Bob
33. Michelle
34. James
35. Ron
36. Jamesp
37. MG Siegler
38. Keith
39. Jason
40. Tantek.
41. Arnold

SORRY, I’ve handed out all the tickets.

First look: cool cell phone video app

[podtech content= &totalTime=2258000&breadcrumb=c343522287ee49c68bacf8a012d86b6c]

Ever want to watch “Ask a Ninja” on your cell phone or iPhone?

I have tried to play videos like that on my cell phones. And it almost always sucks. Usually it can’t play. Or you can’t find it easily (not usually a problem with Ask a Ninja, but often is with other video shows).

On Monday Veveo is going to announce their new video search and play system called VTap. Here is an early look at how the service works.

I’ve been using this on my iPhone and it is pretty good. Demonstrates that companies can build some very compelling experiences even without much help from Apple.

What’s so cool about it?

It’s a search system that works pretty well.

But when you find a video show you want to watch (my show is in the search engine, for instance) and then you want to watch the show it does all the hard lifting for you.

If it’s not in the right format for your phone it converts it to the right format on the fly. This rocks because it makes video usable.

Anyway, this is one of those apps I find I’m using a lot on my iPhone. Here’s a sneak peak at the service. It won’t be up until Monday.