This guy just won a “mint”

Aaron Patzer, CEO of Mint Software

The winner of TechCrunch 40 is:

Here’s the CEO, Aaron Patzer. He just won $50,000. His site is being hit so hard it’s down. He gave us a demo yesterday morning. We’ll try to get that up tomorrow.

What’s interesting is that two days ago I asked who would win and within minutes one commenter here said he thought Mint would. More proof that my readers know more than I do?

Here’s the TechCrunch coverage of the contest
. Mint is also at the top of TechMeme right now.


Not to be missed photo events

On October 1 Stanford University is rolling out the red carpet for a Photowalk which ends up at a talk by National Geographic photographers.

Rick Smolan, famous photgrapher, did "Day in the Life" and "American 24/7" series of books

This week Rick Smolan (that’s him in the photo) is doing another one of his famous photo projects that you can participate in. He’s the photographer who did the “Day in the Life” series of books, among others. This time he’s working on a new book that focuses on what home means to Americans.

Anyway, really hope you can come along on the Photowalking at Stanford. You’re invited. Just sign up on You don’t need an expensive camera, either. It’s open to everyone.