Microsoft may buy part of Facebook

Wow, I go to lunch with my parents and the entire world shifts due to a Wall Street Journal report that Microsoft may buy part of Facebook which would value Facebook at $10 billion or so.

Too bad that Microsoft’s management didn’t listen to Jeff Sandquist and others two years ago.

Funny, you know Dave Morin? He works at Facebook on the app platform now but used to work at Apple. He told me that he tried to get Apple to pay attention too. But got frustrated with Apple’s inability to get Facebook. So, he left to join Facebook.

What’s funny, he told me, is now a good percentage of Apple employees are on Facebook. At the latest Apple press conference I noticed that Steve Jobs even showed off the iPhone Facebook app on stage.


Here’s the FeedHub videos

As talked about earlier, here’s the FeedHub videos.


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Demofall 2007 — companies to watch

Read/WriteWeb has a good preview of companies to watch at DEMOfall 2007, which starts today in San Diego, CA. Here’s the full list of all the presenters coming this week.

I think they missed one that’s worthy of including, though: SceneCaster. Mashable has a writeup of SceneCaster. I’ll have a video of them up soon.

Why? SceneCaster is aimed at Second Life. But it gets rid of some of the real negatives that Second Life has. What are those negatives?

1. You can’t get more than about 80 people into any one space. This makes it very tough to use Second Life for commercial experiences. SceneCaster doesn’t have those limitations.
2. You can’t embed Second Life onto Web pages or Facebook profiles. SceneCaster lets you do just that, which makes it far easier to navigate around for novices.
3. SecondLife isn’t well integrated into other Web stores of 3D objects. SceneCaster integrates Google’s 3D Warehouse.
4. Kids are kept out of the main grid in Second Life where on SceneCaster each scene is controlled by the owner. So my scenes will allow kids in and others might have different rules.
5. Because each scene is embeded into a Web page we can link to scenes a lot easier than we can link to them on Second Life.

What doesn’t it do that Second Life will? It isn’t a complete world the way Second Life is, although that world gets people lost which causes high churn rates of people who try it for a while and get bored and leave before discovering that there’s a world that might keep their attention.

Downside? Windows only right now (they are working on a Mac version).

Any other Demo companies that we should pay attention to?

Let’s do what we did with TechCrunch 40 last week. I’ll pick SceneCaster as my favorite company that I’ve seen so far.

Anyone want to pick the company that’ll get the most hype coming out of Demo?

Oh, and there’s a TON of news coming through the feeds this morning due to Demo. I’ve put the best stuff on my link blog.

Another cool thing that Read/WriteWeb didn’t mention? YourTrumanShow, which now will be called “VideoMap.” Mashable wrote that up too.