Wifi in Frankfurt and other observations

Hey, there’s an iPhone cake for you over on my link blog thanks to Gizmodo.

We had a wonderful meal including home-made Apple Cake. Yummy.

Some other observations about Germany? Having wifi in the public train station in the airport in Frankfurt rocked. Love the old 1950-style mechanical signs. Most American airports have gone to far neater digital signs, but seeing something mechanical reminds us all of a time that’s slipping away. Here’s a picture of it on iStock photo. It makes a cool mechanical noise as each entry flips through various characters.

Anyway, got free wifi here in my mom’s sister’s house (she got it in October, totally shocked me cause she was pretty computer illiterate when we met during my mom’s illness last May).

Hope you’re having a good weekend. I’m taking off until Tuesday to just spend some time with Maryam and my mom’s sister and have fun in the German countryside.