The most expensive pocket digital camera?

Guido Van Nispen makes the expensive Canon 5D that Thomas Hawk uses look cheap. He is shooting the LIFT conference on a Leica with a 50mm f1.0 lens. Results? Fabulous. Price? Around $10,000 for body and lens. Whew!

He caught an image of me shooting expensive watches yesterday. Disadvantage of such a fast lens? Depth of field is only a couple of centimeters, he says, which makes it hard to get a sharp image.

Maybe we should do a Photowalking here in Geneva with him?

Speaking of Photowalking, I hear the video of our walk around the Sacramento Train Museum will be up tomorrow or Friday on the ScobleShow. As for LIFT, I’ll put the best stuff up on my link blog (which I have been keeping up to date even while being a tourist in Europe). Or, you can follow along on the LIFT blog.