Cool Mac museum in a guy’s St. Louis home

OK, now this is a house my son could go nuts about. Jeremy Mehrle has a whole Macintosh museum in his house. That’s one way to get your house on Digg.

PodTech content dude Bill Streeter has the video and details.

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Did Calacanis just call me fat?

Yeah, Jason Calacanis just called me fat and challenged me to lose weight in a program titled “fat bloggers.” Ahh, I just ate a piece of Swiss chocolate. How am I gonna lose weight with the Swiss stuff around? Anyway, I weigh 214 pounds and would like to get down to 190. Of course, that’d require not eating Swiss chocolate and getting off my lazy behind and do some exercise. That reminds me of this Wellsphere conversation I had recently.

Shooting the world’s longest building

Everytime I am with Thomas Hawk I grow more fond of his skills. Here’s just a small number of photos we shot in about an hour yesterday. Bebo White gave us part II of the Stanford Linear Accelerator tour. Part III will happen on April 20th. Here’s me shooting Bebo. What does the world’s longest building look like? This!

One thing I picked up about Thomas: he loves little grungy things. Put him in front of a water cooling tower that’s been running for decades and he could spend hours just shooting the goo-covered pipes. They are the goo that helped win three Nobel Prizes for Physics.

Next week at Northern Voice I’m gonna be blessed with hanging out with Kris Krug. He’s another gifted photographer. Hopefully we can get a Photowalk together there. Oh, and Northern Voice is almost sold out. So, if you wanna be there, you better get your ticket tonight.

UPDATE: here’s Thomas Hawk’s writeup of the tour.