Photowalking Trains now up

A new Photowalking with Thomas Hawk is now up. Nice look at the world’s largest train museum in Sacramento. Thomas Hawk has a writeup with links to lots of photos. More than 20 people came along, so you’ll meet some interesting photographers and see some cool equipment.

Hope you enjoy. I could shoot Thomas for hours. We have some great conversations, Part II will be up later today. Here you’ll get a good look at American train history. By the way, if you want a higher resolution look at this video (there’s a lot to see) you should download the MP4 version to your hard drive, then play from there. At the end you’ll meet Phil Glatz, who has a cool 3D camera you can build yourself for very little money. I have an earlier writeup about the event here.

Thomas Hawk wrote me and said this was his favorite photowalking so far. Mine too!