How the LIFT animations were done

I love this! Much more fun than the last post.

In between the talks at LIFT there were some really great animations up on screen. I asked the graphic designer, cristiana bolli-freitas of the Bread and Butter mixed media agency, to explain how she did it. This video is what results.

I love that they started with a little smilie face on my blog (only shows up in some browsers) above that is put there by to help track traffic.

Look at what Cristiana did with that smile, though!

What you won’t see about Iraq on American TV

Interesting that we spend hours and hours talking about Anna Nicole Smith’s death, but we don’t see the horrific images coming out of Iraq as evidenced by this video. Warning: these are gruesome images, but I find it interesting that we don’t see these images of the sheer horror of what’s going on here. Interesting to see what the media in various countries show us. Americans seem to get the most watered-down news.

Turn off analog TV? It’ll never happen

I know that everyone who loves HD is salivating at the prospect that analog TV will be turned off in two years. Here, look at Engadget HD for evidence.

The problem is that anyone who believes this will actually happen is smoking crack.

Here’s why: there are way too many people who still own analog TVs. My dad is one of them. He’s using a TV that I bought him back when I worked at LZ Premiums back in the 1980s. He’d like to get a new HD TV, but he comes from a generation that doesn’t throw things away just because a better one comes along. Not to mention that his house isn’t setup for a big screen. Oh, and older people vote, and vote more often than younger people. He also has a lot more resources than my generation does — resources that can go into getting heard.

But, you try taking away analog TV from people like my dad and you watch the political uproar.

Here’s the fun thing about living in a democracy: the majority group usually gets heard.

In this case I think it’s sheer idiocy to plan on analog TV getting turned off. It’ll never happen. Not in the next 10 years. Sorry.