Bloggers: you getting copied? Sentinel is your solutions

Tony Moura, chief visionary officer at Blogwerx is sitting here telling me about Blogwerx Sentinel, which helps you track splogs and other sites that are copying your content (which could have sizeable detrimental results because if too many people copy your content Google will penalize you for too many copies — their algorithms use that to sense whether link farms are being built to game Google).

He tells me one guy created more than 600,000 sites without writing a single word of content and made a ton of money off of Google ads. If bloggers had signed up for Sentinel they could have pulled that guy down before he made a lot of revenue.


What’s “cool” at Demo?

Lots of people have been asking me “what’s cool at Demo?” while I walk around the hallways here. I find that question tough to answer.

I guess it’s that “cool” has different meanings:

1) That it’ll change how you work. Zoho’s Notebook wins here. It’s like an online OneNote and I can see using that to collaborate on work projects.
2) Is it something that’s visually stunning? Vuvox (video demo here) and Jaman (video demo here) are winners here.
3) Is it a new gadget you have to have? Seagate’s DAVE or Zink’s new printer (video demo here) fit the bill.
4) Is it a great demo? Total Immersion (video demo here), Jaman (video demo here), eJamming, or my friend’s company, EyeJot, (video demo here) fit the bill here.
5) Is it the company that got the most press coverage? Splashcast and Zink fit the bill here (I think, I have to do more analysis on that point).
6) UPDATE: Is it something totally new that did something cool? Me.dium is the best there. I forgot about that because I had a previous demo of that on ScobleShow and it, indeed, is cool.

The show is still going on, I’ll come back to this list as I find more cool things at Demo.

What do you think was cool? What got through the noise? That’s what I find interesting, because this week 63 companies are vying for your attention. I don’t know about you, but I only have time for one or two new ideas/products a week.

The world is cruel that way. People work really hard, invest a lot of capital on all these ideas, and only 5% will probably get through the clutter and into your lives.

The Demo show is putting up all the presentations on this page (some of the best demos will come this afternoon, so we’ll probably have to wait a day or two to get all of them).

Now that the show is drawing to a close, I wonder who’ll win the coveted “DemoGod” award? Who do you think did the best demo at Demo this year?