And Steve Gillmor forgot his Yahoo account password

Ahh, Steve Gillmor (who forgot Yahoo’s password, among other things) do you have any idea how many times I’ve forgotten my Yahoo password? Too many. Just today it is asking me to do something to start getting the Videoblog Mailing List emails working again. Sigh. And people wonder why Yahoo doesn’t have a better brand name when compared to Google.

Funny, I’ve never forgotten my Google password (even for things like Gmail). Look into it Yahoo and figure out why that is. There’s a reason: Yahoo forces its own passwords on me by default and I always forget them.


Second Life has my credit card and won’t let go

OK, OK, I’m partly at fault here. But, hear me out.

Last year at Gnomedex I had my son demonstrate Second Life up on stage while I was hosting a panel discussion. Someone from Linden Labs (the folks who make Second Life), Beth Goza (she now works at Microsoft), saw that, and told me and my son to knock it off. People under 18 aren’t allowed in Second Life.

So, what did I do? I just told Patrick never to go into Second Life and I didn’t go back into Second Life either.

Problem was, my credit card was being charged $9.95 per month by Linden Labs. I didn’t bother stopping it cause I thought I’d go back at some point.

Well, I just tried to get back into Second Life to cancel my credit card. Problem is, I can’t get in. Someone changed my password.

The other problem? I can’t get my password. I think I signed on with my Microsoft address.

I hate how hard it is to cancel accounts like these. Companies are perfectly willing to charge you forever, even if you don’t use the service one bit.

I think I’ll just call my credit card company and change my card number by saying I lost my card.


UPDATE: I guess banging on Second Life is in vogue this weekend. Valleywag did it too and has tons of comments.