Patrick graduates to high school

Today I’ll be attending Patrick’s graduation from Jr. High. Damn, can’t believe he’s going to high school. When I graduated from Jr. High? The hot technology? A floppy disk drive for your Apple II. I remember my dad being so happy that he got a 64kb memory card, too. That’s kilobytes, not gigabytes.

I’m so proud of Patrick who is one hell of a great kid. Count your lucky stars. Two years before he starts driving. Scary!


Mike Arrington and Steve Gillmor don’t use Firefox 3.0

Tonight I was at a party where Mike Arrington, Steve Gillmor, and me were talking to Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla Foundation. You know, the fine folks who make the Firefox browser. During the conversation they admitted they don’t yet use Firefox 3.0.

Me? That’s ALL I use and I love it. I can’t wait for it to launch. Brendan said they don’t know the exact time yet that they will launch but gave strong indications it would be sometime next week.

Interesting that Walt Mossberg DOES use Firefox 3.0 and gave it a ringing endorsement, one that I can definitely add onto. There’s no better browser out there. None. On my Mac I love it a lot more than Safari.