AT&T’s CTO says 3G is ready for new iPhone

Om Malik asks “will 3G be ready for new iPhone?

AT&T’s CTO John Donovan says “we will have enough bandwidth…” in this interview, posted today. It’s only five minutes long, and he talks about some of the other challenges 3G and more cell phones will bring.


Where to watch today’s Apple news

I have all the top blogs and Twitter accounts coming into FriendFeed. Already the news is flowing (that’s a view of everything I’m “Liking” or “Commenting On” inside FriendFeed).

But, seriously, there’s five places that’ll cover the important stuff well: Leo Laporte’s TWiT Live, Mac Rumors Live, Engadget, Venture Beat, and TechCrunch.

For discussions, nothing will beat FriendFeed anymore. Here’s a search on FriendFeed for “Apple.”

Of course TechMeme is already all over the latest Apple rumors and I’m sure that it’ll take about 15 minutes for it to switch over to the best reports from the WWDC.

UPDATE: One of the links I just put on FriendFeed is this one where you can see 33 places to watch live.

I’m off to hang out at an Apple Store in SF.

UPDATE2: Twitter is really straining to keep up with the load.