Working on something new

Yesterday I visited Adobe to get a look at their new office suite. Buzzword is such a cool app, I got a demo of that on my cell phone.

That prepared me for today, when FastCompanyTV launches WorkFastTV. We’re broadcasting live at 10 a.m. Pacific Time today. We’re partnering with Revision 3 (they are directing and filming the show in the Revision 3 studios in San Francisco, CA) which I’m very excited about.

SAP is sponsoring the show, which will focus on how our work is changing thanks to the Internet. Our first guest is someone special: the guy who runs PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, formerly known as Xerox PARC). This is the lab where a ton of what we use today to get our work done was invented. Microsoft Word, for instance, has its roots in this lab. So does ethernet. Object Oriented programming. Laser printers and Adobe’s page description language which lets you print stuff out. And much more was invented here.

The show will explore the trends that are changing our work and will try to give you some real, practical, hands-on stuff to improve your productivity. Coming up in the next few weeks will be David Allen who wrote the book on getting things done, for instance. Also we’ll have the guy who runs the Office 2.0 conference, one of the top executives at Google, one of the top executives at Bestbuy who’ll tell us about how they are using wikis and other tools to save tons of money and get things done better for their customers. And much more. Plus you’ll get to see us live and be interactive with us.

We’ll be taking your questions that you leave here, over on the live chat (we’ll be back up on my Kyte channel with a live webcam and chat) and after the 30-minute show we’ll have Marc answer YOUR questions over on the channel. We’ve been taking your questions on FriendFeed and Twitter too.

Anyway, gotta go and get ready, see you on the Internet today.