Rejuvenating with Scott Bourne (and talking about whether I’m paid to pimp stuff like FriendFeed)

My goal is to have an interesting conversation with someone interesting every day. Yesterday was an all-out winner. I had conversations with two interesting guys. The first was with Ismael Ghalimi, founder of the Office 2.0 conference and keeper of the definitive database of Office 2.0 apps (Office 2.0 apps are those that are on the web and collaborative, like Google’s Docs and Spreadsheets or Zoho’s suite of stuff). That was for our WorkFastTV show on FastCompanyTV. The full show will be up on Monday. After the show we continued the conversation over on where he told us even more interesting stuff about his favorite apps (he has tried about 600 of the 800 apps listed on the Office 2.0 database).

But afterward I headed over to Podango Productions to visit with Scott Bourne. I have run into Scott here and there, but had no idea:

1. He owns the studio where the first Diggnation was filmed.
2. Is an accomplished photographer. Here’s his Photrade account (his photo was on the home page of that yesterday).
3. Rides a Harley for fun.
4. Is co-founder/owner of This Week in Photography, which has 600,000 unique visitors per month (amazing growth for a new show about photography that has not had a single dollar spent on promotion or advertising).
5. Is a damn nice guy (spent two hours with me just talking about the new media business and life).

What’s funny is that the conversation started over on FriendFeed where he wondered if I was paid to pimp FriendFeed. He invited me over to do an interview on that topic, which he put up last night.

The answer is: I am not paid by anyone other than Fast Company. Seagate and SAP and some other sponsors to come soon pay Fast Company. If I ever change that, I’ll let you know. I am NOT paid by Qik, FriendFeed, Kyte, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or any of the other companies I like and talk about a lot. I also do not own stock in any company I cover and if that ever changes I’ll disclose that as well.

Anyway, it was really great getting Scott’s perspective on things and getting a tour of Podango’s studio (which is huge, his company has done film and TV production in addition to things like This Week in Photography, which already is my favorite show about photography).

I found our two-hour conversation rejuvenated me. Which is pretty rare and why I seek out conversations with interesting and brilliant people who are trying to build interesting and brilliant things.

Who have you talked with who’s gotten you to see things in a new way?