Back in the land of bandwidth and cell phones

I'm sitting in the Portland Airport. Got a few minutes before I can board. Ahh, bandwidth here is so much nicer than in Montana for the most part. Oh, and my cell phone works again. I called Cingular this morning and they told me they don't own any towers in Montana, so they have no control over whether my phone works or not. It's Verizon country out there (my Verizon card kept my Tablet PC online, albeit slowly all the time, even at my mom's house).

Anyway, Steve Sloan, my former boss from the early 1990s when I was a student at San Jose State writes about the personal side of blogging (he talks about the kinds of personal conversations we used to have back then, I remember having deep conversations about his family after his wife died tragically in a car accident). I still don't know where the right line is. I figure I'm just gonna write what's happening in my life and if everyone goes away that's fine with me. I do this for love and not the review score.

I keep coming back to that this isn't a committee done form of marketing. A committee could never write about dying mothers or tragedy.

But, it's so nice to get back to tech! I see Shel Israel is going on a world tour to meet entrepreneurs and see if they can help. Hey, Shel, if you wanna visit the TechRanch in Montana, I have a place for you to stay!

One thing I've learned by traveling is just how connected we all are. How did I know Mini was a big deal? Because employees in Ireland told me that they all read him.

Remember the Mena Trott blowup at a blogger conference in Paris? I remember having conversations about that in four different countries.

Yesterday at TechRanch we talked about the TechCrunch bubble.

We're all connected and when something interesting happens in our community it goes worldwide very quickly.

Global conversations indeed! Welp, they are boarding, see ya this weekend!