I’ve shared my OPML, will you?

I've already shared my OPML with Dave Winer's new service. Opens tomorrow. TechCrunch has the details. If you can't wait, my current feed list is on NewsGator (it's a Web service so you'll always see the latest list here). Two weeks ago I deleted all my feeds. I'm already back up to 99 feeds. Will be adding more over the next week. I've raised the bar to get added to my list, though. I want to increase the geekiness factor of what I'm reading and get away from the more marketing and business oriented blogs. Why? Cause I want to focus on people building software, since that's what I'm interested in most.

How do you pick feeds to subscribe to? How do you clean them out?

Update: Dave Winer says "it's an instant hit" and gives more details.