Nancy blogs FoxPro and .NET

I've known Nancy Folsom for years, dating back to the 1990s when we both hung out in Fawcette's Off.Ramp a lot. I'm glad to see her blogging, and a geeky code blog to boot! She blogs about FoxPro, .NET, and a few other geeky topics.

Oh, and my wife Maryam links to her and Stan Mackey, our real estate agent, who just started a blog too. Oh, and Kim Sacha. She's studying computational genetics and blogging about her journey. Her husband is a developer at Microsoft (works on the ultra-cool Max team).

Good to see some nice new blogs. How does Maryam find them? She has been building a network of friends in Seattle — she has a movie club where she kicks me out of the house and has her friends over. Funny that last time they didn't even watch a movie!