Calling Microsoft tech support (about Office 2007 and Vista)

Geoff Coupe is having trouble getting Office 2007 loaded on top of Windows Vista. I'll try to get someone over here to help fix this stuff. It is beta, so expect some turbulence! But, yeah, I hate it when Microsoft groups don't use our latest stuff.

Anyone else having troubles?


We want pictures Tom!

I'm a sucker for geek baby photos. Famous Irish IT geek, Tom Raftery's second son was born yesterday, but Tom didn't post photos yet! Hey, every baby deserves his or her own Flickr channel! Heheh. Congrats Tom and Pilar! (We had a fun time with them in Cork, Ireland, last year).

While we're talking about all things social and Irish, Tom also reports that Social Media company Bebo just got $15 million in funding.

Looking back at E3 conference

I missed all the video game hoohaw that happened over the past couple of weeks (the E3 conference happened the week my mom went into the hospital). But, that's what's nice about RSS. It's all there waiting for you when you get back. I just was looking at Major Nelson's blog (he works on the Xbox team) and he has a ton of videos and podcasts and other things from the E3 conference.