Reports from Metaverse Roadmap

Today you can see Flickr photos from events, and get blog posts.

Metaverse Roadmap photos.
Metaverse Roadmap blog posts.

In particular, check out John Swords' photos. Hey, those are my hands in this photo.


Wow: 3D operating system, Open Croquet

We're getting a demo of Croquet from Julian Lombardi and David Smith of Open Croquet, which is a 3D world. Something like Second Life, but runs P2P.

We have just seen a new world.

Open CroquetYou have just witnessed one of the first public demos of a 3D hyperlink in the system. You can walk from world-to-world. You can collaborate with people in new ways.

Another demo? A 3D spreadsheet that can let you work in 3D space together on numbers with other people.

This is rough, early-adopterish, but once you see this you realize a new kind of computing experience is coming.

See that chess set in the image above? You can move around it. You can spin it. You can zoom toward it. And, if you touch it you are playing chess. All running P2P. No centralized servers needed. It's remarkable. They showed how you could just "step into" a new virtual world. Just move toward something that looks like a window and you "dive into" that Window and are instantly in a new world. In that new world there would be new people, new things to see.

Sometimes I pinch myself at what I get to be among the first human beings to experience.

Wow. I wish I had my video camera. I'm not even doing this thing justice. There's a few more images on my Flickr Feed, including demos of a video link.

This is funded by Alan Kay, by the way. Should tell you something about the vision behind this. The company is Qwaq.