Ross Rader has a Media Center dream

I love when customers ask us for new stuff. Ross Rader asks for an easy upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Media Center. Charlie Owen gives him an open response and says make some noise!

Last week I was getting between 10,000 and 24,000 visitors per day. Imagine if every one of you left a comment! I wonder if WordPress could keep up with a 10,000 comment post?


Microsoft to abandon Mac player?

Anona just brought this to my attention over on CNET: Microsoft to stop developing Macintosh version of its Media Player. I wanna learn more about this before I go off on my blog but I am not happy about this decision (if it is as presented — often I learn that the entire story isn’t quite what it seems, so I’m going on a fact-finding mission). Can the people who are on this team please contact me? Thanks!

How about a comment-based Memeorandum?

I was just noticing that John Montgomery’s post on a potential¬†“Live” version of Visual Studio kicked off a ton of comments. That got me thinking about Memeorandum. Memeorandum shows you blogs that have gotten linked to (the more links, the higher up on the page it goes). But no one is showing you posts that have received a ton of comments. That’d be useful. Particularly for something like photos. I’ve noticed that about 5% (or less)¬†of my Flickr photos get commented on and the ones that do get comments are usually my more interesting photos.

Sounds like a new way to bring cool stuff onto Memeorandum and other sites like it (like TailRank and Blogniscient).