Jason says “blog for us and make money”

And who’s to argue with his claim? Jason Calacanis made money from blogging (sold his blogging network to AOL for $25 million). When I saw Peter Rojas, the guy who writes Engadget (part of Calacanis’ network), I asked him “did you ever think you could make a million by blogging?” He said “no.” And then smiled.

Is there value in content? Ask Howard Stern. He made a lot more than a million from his mouth. A whole lot more.

Don’t know who Jason Calacanis is? Check out the Wired Magazine that Maryam is holding (we went to the local Barnes and Noble to see if our book was on display yet, it wasn’t).

Last night we were walking around downtown Campbell in Silicon valley and saw this Porsche sitting in a window with a bow on it (it’s FAR beyond my financial reach although Maryam and I both dreamed a bit of going in and buying it). Only in Silicon Valley! Heheh.


Google and Microsoft to join?

Fortune on CNN is wondering if Google and Microsoft would join forces to go against Apple.


I’m tired of these “who will defend against whom?” articles.

I’d rather hear what each company will do for customers and what they’ll stand for. Not against.

That’s how we’ll build great value.

Look at my mobile post yesterday. I used Google on a Microsoft SmartPhone to make my life better. Value was created.

That’s where we should focus our energies in this industry. I see tons of camera phones. Not enough applications that use them. I see tons of RSS feeds and still haven’t seen an RSS aggregator that really makes me happy (have you tried Dave Winer’s NewsRiver yet? You can get a preview here. I’m trying it and like it.)

We need more partnerships in this industry, not more fighting. And where we fight needs to be done because you have a better idea, not cause you’re trying to tear someone else down.

Tim reads Naked…

Naked Conversations, that is. Heheh. Thanks to Tim Bray of Sun Microsystems for the nice review. He’s the co-inventor of XML and I admire him a lot. His speech last year at Northern Voice was wonderful (can’t wait to see what he says this year).

He’s the first person to pick up on the tone of the writing. He could tell it wasn’t in my voice. Very astute. I did write quite a bit, but then Shel would take what I wrote and rewrote it in his own voice. This bothered me at the beginning, but I realized that a book would need a common voice throughout otherwise it’d be weird. Second, he always improved my writing so who was I to argue? Third, I didn’t have enough time to write the book in my own style.

I’m taking the rest of the day off to hang out with Maryam and Patrick. Hope your weekend is going well!