Scoble: I’m not an edge case

It got a little heated at Search Champs today when someone said “Scoble’s an edge case.” I get a little defensive about that. Why? Cause today’s edge case is tomorrow’s mainstream user. Just ask Douglas Engelbart (the guy who invented the mouse). Everyone called him an edge case in the 1970s (he was even kicked out of the research community he told me cause his ideas were too “weird”).

Thanks to Dion Hinchcliffe for recording that session and pulling out my quote in audio. Lots of people were having fun with it after the session.


SuperBowl house?

Power of the blog?

So, you know that on Saturday night we had a party in John and Alison Dillow’s wonderful home in Medina, right? Yeah, you saw the pictures!

Anyway, someone from the Seattle Seahawks saw those pictures and blogs (not sure which ones) and called the Dillows on Monday. On Tuesday there were several members of the Seahawks filming a Disney commercial for the Superbowl inside the house with Alison hanging out with the team of the moment.


It’s not the first time the house has been featured in the Superbowl, either. A couple years back Sony filmed a Superbowl commercial on their boat launch.

Yeah, all my readers are super! Some more super than others! 🙂

On the StupidTrain

Is Memeorandum making us stupider? That’s the point that Bubblegeneration makes today.

I think there’s something to that. But my thing is that I notice my life is being split up into many more tiny little slices than before. First of all my email load is just going nuts. More than 200 per day that I ANSWER (and many times that that I read, but don’t require an answer). Plus, feeds. Plus Digg. Plus plus plus plus.

So, I don’t spend much time on one thing. Overall I’m getting more knowledge and breadth, but on a granular level I’m not mastering anything. That trend scares me.

But, I’m getting back at all of you. Here’s some quick hits.

Microsoft just announced financials. Here’s a Reuters’ article. I always watch the financials of the company I work for. That’s something that Jim Fawcette taught all of his employees to do (even taught us what EBITDA is). That’s one thing I always appreciated about how he ran the business.

We just put up a video about Server 2003 R2 and Longhorn Server. I learned a lot about server technology in the interview.

This morning I attended the Search Champs meeting again where Gary Flake and Microsoft announced Live Labs. Richard MacManus has the details. He says “Microsoft is entering into a fascinating Internet-driven software era and – to my eyes – they are meeting the challenges head-on.” Gary Flake rocks, though. I wanna interview him about his speech. More from Frederico Oliveira (he has links to Gary’s slides). Memeorandum is tracking conversation on the new Live Labs.

The Search Champs did a podcast last night about the privacy and grilled Microsoft search team members some more and talked about what they learned during the day. Joshua Porter of the bokardo blog has all the links and details. Hot issue. Transparency in action. More to come! There’s a lot more on the “Search Champs” page on Technorati. Even more blogs are being tracked by Memeorandum on this issue.

I LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE the new Technorati home page. Very nice!

Digg is NOT being acquired (that’s on Kevin Rose’s blog, he is the founder of Digg so is worth listening to). I’m so glad I missed on this round of blog rumors. A few of the search champs told me they were sick of hearing rumors on blogs.

Over on Memeorandum (heh) I see that Mike Nash of Microsoft’s security team is putting his neck on the line over on Slashdot and people are noticing that. I love it!

Note to Doc Searls, Rick Segal keeps showing up in my life too. He was at Naked Conversations launch party on Saturday night. His ideas ARE revolutionary. Will VC ever be the same? We’ll find out this year.

Aside: Michael Lehman told me tomorrow he’s turning off his network connection tomorrow just to get work done. That just might be what it takes. I just spent two days with the search champs.

If you have asked me to check something out in the past month, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to it yet. Hopefully soon!

Anyway, why the post title? Cause I feel stupid after hanging out with the Search Champs and with the MSN brains this week. They have a ton of stuff coming. Suprising stuff, actually. It’s been a long time since MSN has suprised me and I’m happy that they are doing it again.

Plus, over in Chris Pirillo’s mailing list we were joking that we need an “idiotCamp” for the rest of us who are just trying to keep up with the world. Lots of fun.

As to Memeorandum. It’s my favorite site and is getting better and better every week. Lots more sources lately and more length too. If that’s stupid, I want more stupid! Bring it on Gabe!