Anina told to stop blogging (I’m not using wifi)

I’m writing to you from Southwest Terminal 10 at Oakland Airport. But I am not using wifi. I got a Cingular wireless 3G card. Works great. Costs $80 a month. But I just paid $30 of hotel wifi fees. Got so fed up we all went to the Cingular store today to get this.

Anyway, I just saw that Anina, the geek model, has been told to stop blogging. That sucks. But leaves a bunch of future opportunities. She’s smart and that’ll take her a lot further than her looks.

I keep coming back to the iPod. Why is it such a cultural phenomenon? Hint: it isn’t the features. At least not alone. It’s the combination of the technology with fashion and culture.

Match Anina up with an inventor and you’ll have an interesting marketing combo. Her work with Nokia was an interesting example of this.

This week I am going to Switzerland for the LIFT conference. I hear Anina will be there. Hope to talk with her more about this then.