Off to first of Naked launch parties

Let’s all get naked!


No, this isn’t a porn site.

I just am excited about seeing Naked Conversations on Technorati’s book list (it’s currently at #5). How is this list generated? From all the links made on all the blogs.

But, if you don’t think that’s cool, here’s a very cool Honda ad that had my brother and I quite astonished (you need to click the “Watch the Civic ad” link once it gets through the Flash preview).

Where will we be tonight? At John and Alison Dillow’s house (by invite only, sorry). It’s the only historic house in Medina. The law firm he works for, Perkins Coie, has graciously sponsored tonight’s party. Watch the flickr feed for pictures.


Blog constipation

I’m taking the day off. There are so many things to say so much about that I just don’t know where to start, so I won’t try. Plus, I haven’t seen Maryam for almost a week. I’m also experiencing very high email flows (I am almost caught up). Whew. Now I have hundreds of things to blog about. I’m so far behind it isn’t funny. Maybe I should just delete my “blog this” folder and start over. 🙂