Live video from Adobe Engage event

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe tells Kevin Lynch what's cool about AIR

I’ve been live streaming all morning from the Adobe Engage event. Here’s a schedule. This is an event that Adobe’s holding to launch new versions of Adobe AIR and Flex and to showcase some developers who’ve built stuff using those two technologies.

Adobe Engage Event Schedule

So, here’s the video from this morning’s stuff — if you have only time for one, watch the New York Times or the videos. They were the most impressive to me.

Adobe Executives. Shantanu Narayen, CEO (Qik video, part I, part II, part III); Kevin Lynch, CTO (Qik video, part I, part II). Sometimes the phone gets kicked off, sorry.

New York Times showing off their cool Shifd, which shipped just last night (Qik video, part I, part II)

Carnet Williams, Jason Ricci showing off Sprout, cool tool for building Flash/Flex sites (Qik video)

Russ Fleming, Matthew Maher showing off a cool new package tracker from FedEx (Qik video, Part I, part II)

Mitch Free showing off the sexiest enterprise app I’ve seen, (Qik video, part I, part II)

Chris Shipley and Kevin Lynch having a conversation (Chris runs the Demo conference) (Qik video).

More will be up after lunch at


VMWare rocks…

As I get around and talk to geeks I would tell them that I’ve been using Parallels so that I could run Windows on top of my Macintosh’s OSX operating system, but have had some troubles with crashing and other things. The answer back has been quite consistent: that I should use VMWare’s Fusion.

So, I finally gave in. And, damn, it is nicer and faster. You can even drag VM’s from operating system to operating system (very useful if, for instance, you’re a software developer and need to test stuff out on many different OS’s and then you want to move those OS’s around to other machines).

Highly recommended.

By the way, these things let you run OSX and Windows together. If you’re scared of moving to the Mac, this should finish that argument off.