Wonderful free music from SXSW

Last night I fired up Bittorrent and downloaded 3.5 gigs of music from this year’s SXSW bands. Am listening now. It is totally wonderful music. A real gift. To download you need Bittorrent and a few hours (I just downloaded it overnight).

This is a major gift to all of us on the Internet from the bands and from SXSW. I appreciate it very much — this is NOT stolen music, it’s all on the up-and-up. Thank you to Bram Cohen, who brought us Bittorrent. It’s really great to have a way to distribute such large files to everyone in the world.


Switching to Gmail…

Yeah, yeah, I know, I should have done this years ago. But Hotmail is just something I was addicted to. My email address is all over the Internet, so I resisted totally making the switch. Plus I was an Outlook guy, so didn’t really need to deal with the online service, all your emails just came into Outlook. Now I’m trying to move everything online. Why? Because I have several computers and I’m tired of installing them with software. I don’t have an IT department to load everything up and I’ve been having a ton of problems with computers (mostly on my Mac, believe it or not) so have had to do a lot of clean installing this past week.

Anyway, since I’ve had to live with the Web version of Hotmail I’ve had a good chance to go back and recompare it to Gmail and, well, it just doesn’t measure up.

Gmail is faster. Easier to use. Has better spam blocking. A nicer interface. Is better integrated into Google Calendar, which I’ve also switched to. Is far more productive.

Gmail also works better across different browsers. Hotmail works great on IE on Windows, but sucks on Safari on Macs. Gmail works the same on all browsers, which I greatly appreciate because it makes me more productive and I don’t care which browser I have open.

So, soon I’ll be switching my email address on my blog to scobleizer@gmail.com — my Hotmail address is now forwarding email to that Gmail address anyway.