Is Sun Microsystems going to compete with Amazon’s Web services with MySQL?

Notice what Jonathan Schwartz says when I ask him whether he’s going to compete with Amazon’s Web Services like S3.

There are a few parts to this interview because AT&T’s 3G went down on me and then Qik updated its servers. Qik is working on a fix for both problems, they really are great about debugging my issues with the service.

Funny enough I recorded the last part of the interview on my Nokia N95, tried to upload it to Google Video, and it failed.

So, I switched to Viddler and it succeeded. Plus Viddler has more features than Google video. So, Google, you really need to fix your own bugs. Your service really sucks.

Anyway, part I, part II, and most of the interview is in part III, where MySQL’s CEO, Marten Mickos, shows up.


You interview Sun Microsystems CEO about MySQL

I’ll be interviewing Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems CEO, this morning sometime between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

I’ll be using Qik on my cell phone instead of a professional camera. Why? Because then you can join in. See, if you are watching my live stream and you leave a comment I see that on my phone WHILE I’m filming. All of this live. So, I can bring you into the conversation in a way that other video systems just can’t do.

So, watch my Twitter account (I’ll send a Twitter message as soon as the Interview starts). There is a possibility it won’t work, though, because I might not be able to get a good cell phone connection at Sun’s headquarters. If that happens I’ll fall back to an audio interview, which, unfortunately won’t be interactive in this way.

What’s on the agenda? Sun’s acquisition of MySQL.

UPDATE: TechMeme has more on this morning’s news and I’ll have an interview up shortly. The Qik one didn’t work out as planned cause the wireless kept having troubles and also because Qik was upgrading its servers right in the middle of our interview.