Sitting next to TechCrunch France at LIFT

I’m sitting next to Ouriel Ohayon who runs TechCrunch France. We’ve just gotten a preview of the companies that will be showing off at LIFT’s Venture Night. Ouriel just showed me a cool site that he just learned about on Twitter. It’s called and you can upload your own PDF and it turns it into a nice slide show that you can embed on any site. Very cool.

We also got a demo of MixIn, which is a site that gives you a new way to create calendars online. Combines info from Twitter and other online sites into a new kind of timeline. Hard to explain, so I’ll get a video demo and upload that on the first week of Nice to see a completely different way to organize your life with people coming out and this one company shows why I flew to Europe. Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and headed by Nicolas Dengler. This is, so far, the most likely company to get onto TechCrunch that I’ve seen. In fact Ouriel is racing me to get a post up first. Mike Arrington would be so proud. (I beat him) 🙂

UPDATE: here’s Ouriel’s post, but his has a graphic, so will get more visits.

UPDATE2: Webware wrote about Issuu a couple of days ago. Mondo cool, you should check that out.

UPDATE3: he found out about something else cool, but won’t let me see his screen, so we’ll have to wait until he posts. 🙂