I like this new podcasting API from BlogTalkRadio

Since my phone number is already public, I’m looking forward to using the new BlogTalk Radio Podcast API that Dave Winer discussed yesterday.

Holy donuts is this cool. Here’s my feed: feed://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/4252051921 — I called the magic number and it automatically recorded a podcast from my phone and put it on this feed. No work, no muss. Really easy way to record a podcast and have it waiting for you when you get home.


Hanging out with a fast company (emphasis on fast)

OK, I see the challenge is on. Jason Calacanis, founder/CEO of Mahalo, tonight, told me he had to find something better that whatever I saw at Microsoft last week that made me cry. I didn’t realize just how far he’d go to outdo Microsoft.

What I experienced tonight made it impossible to cry.


Well, let’s just say that my tear ducts are now implanted on the back of my skull.

So, what did Jason do? Well, he gave me a fun tour of Mahalo that we’ll have up on FastCompany.tv in early March and then invited Rocky and me to dinner where we met up with Elon Musk. Who’s he? Chairman of Tesla Motors (as well as a few other things, he was one of the co-founders of PayPal). Who are they? They are making a new all-electronic sports car. You might have heard of it.

And what was he driving? His just arrived, first production model, Tesla.

All the attention you want

Of course I begged for a ride.

Wouldn’t you?

The thing is, we did a little Santa Monica street racing. Tesla vs. Vette.

Test drive of first production Tesla

Let’s just put it this way. The Tesla smoked the Vette.

We have video proof. But first, here’s Calacanis standing in front of his Vette:

Jason Calacanis and his Vette

Jason and Rocky rode in the Vette and broadcast on Qik live. I rode in the Tesla and also broadcast my experience live on Qik from my Nokia N95 cell phone (my video includes a 25-minute interview with Musk). How’s that for a two-camera shoot? Not to mention that we had a live audience and were talking with people around the world about the Tesla. The people we’re talking to are actually chatting with us WHILE we broadcast the ride live from our cell phones.

This is what you will see -- if you are lucky

I love it when Jason lost sight of the Tesla and asked Rocky “where did they go?”

Seriously, the experience was something I’ve never experienced in a car before. This thing just slams you to the back of your seat like a fighter jet does. The sound is interesting too. Sort of a whine. You’ll hear it a bit in the video I shot.

OK, Jason, you win. The Tesla is cooler than what Microsoft showed me although at $100,000 it better be (Musk is designing a sedan that should run about $50,000).

I shot a bunch of photos, some of which I’ve embedded here, but the rest are over on my Flickr page.

Elon Musk, Tesla Chairman, through windshield of first production Tesla

Amazingly the Tesla only costs about three dollars to “fill up” with an electric charge that’ll last you more than 200 miles. Let’s put it this way, my Saturn only goes about 20 miles on gasoline that costs that much.

Calacanis has ordered one, already. So have about 900 other people. Much more is covered in the video interview I did with Musk. He admitted that he used to own a $1.5 million Mclaren F1 supercar and that the Tesla outperforms that car between 30 and 70 MPH. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I’m trying to calm down from the ride three hours later. Wow.