The Digg perfect storm

Last night one of my videos took down Why? It got onto Digg.

Which video was it? The one with Violet Blue, the sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, telling how Steve Jobs told her off for asking for a picture of him.

A perfect storm. A video with a sex angle. A Steve Jobs angle. A conflict angle. And short enough to keep a 14-year-old’s attention. Plus there’s a Google employee and a string of Apple Air computers in the video. Can I fit in any more?

The execs at Qik told me they saw more than 20,000 visits in one hour last night. Had to open up more bandwidth at their hosting company and all that. Everything is back online now. Violet has more details on her blog.

By the way, I’ve been getting a stream of interesting videos.

Here’s a list:

Esther Dyson (famous technologist) who demonstrates 23-and-me (a DNA mapping service that she’s on the board of directors of).
Adobe’s Mark Anders, Sr. Principal Scientist, who tells me about Thermo, a developer tool his team is working on. I met him in the street while walking through San Francisco.
A tour through the Nikon D3, a $5,000 professional photojournalist camera (they loaned me one for the next month). Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV.
An interview with Qik’s executives, who tell me what’s coming on their service.
Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati. We were on a panel discussion at MacWorld. I was trying to get him to talk about the new thing he’s working on, but he wouldn’t crack. He also told me he ordered an Apple Air.
Leo Laporte, famous podcaster, who we ran into in the hallway at MacWorld. He does This Week in Tech, among other tech shows.
Cali Lewis of dropped in for a chat in the MacWorld hallway.
Ryan Block of Engadget. I try to get him to talk shit about his competitors, but he wouldn’t take the bait. Which is why Engadget is the #1 gadget blog in the world.
Pete Cashmore founder of Mashable. It’s the first time I’ve met him. He told me that he tried to get a ticket to TechCrunch’s Crunchies and got refused. Ahh, the competitive drama you hear about on the floor of MacWorld. I’ll be at the Crunchies (that’s tomorrow).
A first look at NEC’s new curved screen. I’d rather just have a 30-inch screen.
A look at a new Sprint wifi hub that’ll integrate with EVDO modems. I want one of these. Part I. Part II.
MacWorld vendor, Equilibrium, shows off a video distribution system. Might come in useful at Fast
A look at ProClip, which lets you put cell phones onto the dashboard of your car. Pretty neat.
My son’s first review of Apple’s Air.
First look at Apple’s new Air computer in the Apple booth at MacWorld. Part I, Part II.

This stuff is from CES:

Part of a Jason Calacanis interview I did at the BlogHaus.
A tour of Garmin’s booth where I saw some of their new GPS devices and got the details. Part I, Part II.
A tour of the “in-car-technology hall” at the Consumer Electronics’ show. Part I. Part II, Part III. Some monster cars and trucks!
Interview of Chad and Steve, founders of YouTube.
Interview of Bruce Howard, CEO of LightGlove, which is a wireless mouse that you wear on your hand. Really cool new toy.
First look at the Asus Eee-PC, a super small PC.
First look at iTunes Tuneup Companion. Fixes up a ton of stuff on iTunes, really neat. Get it at Tuneup Media.
First look at SplashTop, a laptop that starts up almost instantly.
A tour of the ShowStoppers hall at CES (which has hundreds of small companies demoing to media types). I almost got punched out by a Los Angeles Times reporter there.
A look at Drobo’s booth at Showstoppers. It’s like a personal RAID, makes using hard drives safer.
A quick chat with Bob Frankston, one of the co-inventors of the spreadsheet.
Rocky, my producer, checks out some custom guitars for Guitar Hero on the show floor at CES.
A quick interview with Dean Kamen, inventor of Segway, among tons of other things. We met him on the show floor at CES.
A tour of Sling Media’s booth. Part I. Part II.
Watch me get makeup for being on CNBC.
An interview with Bug Labs’ Jeremy Toeman. BugLabs won CNET’s Best of Show award in the emerging technology category.
Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal in the line for press badges at CES.
A tour of the Nokia booth at CES. Part I. Part II.
A fun series of interviews after Microsoft’s keynote in the BlogHaus.
Doc Searls tells a story about how Google came up with AdWords.
A different take on what PETA means. Funny T-shirt. We met this guy at Harris Ranch, famous steak house in California.
Marc Canter sings Opera on the Microsoft BlogBus on the way to CES.

We also have a bunch of professional videos over on PodTech.

Nitzan Shaer, COO of Mobivox, shows us how to make low-cost calls at CES.
The Frag Dolls kick the boys’ behinds at CES.
I interviewed the head of HP’s notebook design team at CES. Interesting interview where he gives us insights into HP’s design process.
Interview with Seagate’s CEO, Bill Watkins, in the CES BlogHaus.
We tour AMD’s booth at CES.
The first Retrevo Gang is up. Fun discussion after the first day at CES.

And there’s still more to come and we’re only two weeks through one month of 2008. Whew!