Is YouTube working on streaming video?

“We’re working on a lot of interesting things,” Chad Hurley, one of the co-founders of YouTube told me yesterday when I met him and Steve Chen on the show floor and showed them Qik’s ability to stream video live from a cell phone (something that YouTube can’t do). Watch the rest of the interview here. I also ask them when they’ll do high def on YouTube.

Why were they at CES? To check out the new 150-inch Panasonic plasma. I tried to invite myself over to their house to watch the Super Bowl.


Valleywag getting crap for posting my phone number

Owen Thomas of Valleywag just called me and told me that Valleywag’s readers are calling him and other bloggers there being very irate at the fact that they posted my cell phone number. What’s ironic is that I’ve shared my phone number for more than two years on my blog and on my Facebook account. Hey, feel free to give me a call. If I’m open, I’ll take the call.

I’ve actually had people be irate at ME for posting my phone number. There seems to be this weird idea that if you post your phone number you’ll have your identity stolen, or worse. Maybe that’ll happen someday, but so far so good.