Has your Facebook account been “erased” by Facebook?

Damn, ever since Facebook blocked my account for a little less than a day people have been calling me with some real sob stories about how their accounts got turned off by Facebook and that they have no recourse.

I seriously don’t know what to do either, but I’m going to collect them all and then write a post. Maybe a little “A list blog attention” will get some accounts relooked at.

Many people admit they were doing something naughty, like I was, but others say they weren’t doing anything wrong and didn’t get an answer about what they were doing that got them kicked off Facebook.

Either way, there’s a lot of people out there who’ve been “erased” and who haven’t gotten the same treatment my account got for some reason (I was turned back on).

Drop me a line, or, better yet, leave a comment on this post.

Personally, Facebook should have a citizen review board where appeals of “erasure” could be taken and where a decent answer could be attained.

Some things that have gotten people kicked off?

1. Using a fake name. Mini Microsoft was kicked off.
2. Behaving like a spammer. Sending out lots of birthday party invitations got one person kicked off.
3. Using automated systems like what I was doing to look at things.

But, again, lots of people who’ve been emailing me and calling me say they haven’t done any of those three and still got kicked off and had no appeal.

Another place that people should go is to Satisfaction. They have a bunch of info for banned people there.



I totally missed Gizmodogate (where a journalist from Gizmodo, a gadget blog, ran around with a device turning off TV’s at CES while being videoed) while I was curled up in a ball wimpering like a sad dog. That probably was a good thing.

Yeah, Ben Spark, I did warn people that someone would try this stunt. I didn’t know that it would be a journalist, though (Gizmodo was registered with a journalism badge, not a blogger one, at CES).

Expect more stunts like this because Nick Denton, who owns Gawker Media, wants his staff to do anything they can to generate page views.

I too have removed all Gawker Media feeds from my link blog, I found that Engadget and Gear Live totally kicked Gizmodo’s behind anyway. Maybe because they were doing reporting rather than running around turning off TVs.

Nick Denton is pretty happy at this turn of events. The lower he takes his network, the higher his pageviews go, which means profits are gonna go up, right?

I just wonder how decent journalists and bloggers like Gina at LifeHacker can put up with this stuff. Might explain why Denton has such a tough time holding onto his stars.

Two years ahead of the New York Times

Nice to see the New York Times writing about Markus Frind and his ugly Web site that’s making him $10 million a year! Of course, readers here knew about Markus way back in 2006. Nice to be ahead of the curve!

Secret there? The Northern Voice conference. I’m really bummed I’m missing that this year.

Markus is one of those people who has just an unbelieveable story, though. It’s nice to see more people hearing about it. I sure wish I was smart enough to get an economic engine like his going.