Photowalking with Annie Leibovitz

Wow, just spent an hour walking through some of Annie Leibovitz’ new photography at her just-opened exhibition at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor museum. She gives us a tour and I bring you along with a front-row look. Thank you to Qik and my Nokia cell phone for making this kind of video possible. Unfortunately I could only record about 40 minutes or so of her walk through the museum, but that was most of it. Later I asked her about how much time people give her, and told her that Bill Gates only gave me 17 minutes to interview him. She said Bill only gave her 10 minutes. Now I’m even more impressed with her work. I thought her subjects gave her hours to work. After all, she is THE most famous celebrity photographer of our time (she hates the word “celebrity” by the way, believes famous people are just people).

My hands are shaking, this was such a big thrill for me. She’s one of those people I’ve always looked up to and enjoyed her work. One person, who introduced her before I started my video, said that he felt that Annie has captured his age’s popular culture.

Oh, and thank you to Marc Silber, professional photographer (you see him in the video a couple of times). He went to school with her and invited me and Rocky along. Marc and I are going to do some amazing things for Photowalking. We filmed this on our professional cameras, you can see Rocky, my producer, in the background on the first video.

It’s an amazing exhibition of her work, highly recommended if you’re into photography.



I’m over Rocky Barbanica’s house and he’s editing shows for You get a look at his setup (lots of gear!) and how he does his work on this Qik/cell phone video. I’ll be at Qik later today, so more from there. You get a taste of John Kao’s piano playing, too. Wow this stuff looks awesome in HD. I wish we could deliver you our HD source files.