The last ScobleShow

It’s my birthday today (I’m 43) and, as a gift, PodTech just put up a bunch of stuff I did. That means the last PodTech ScobleShow has just been posted. Some really killer stuff, too, including interviews with my first girlfriend, Xbox Live’s Larry Hryb, Doug Engelbart, a killer 3D search interface, and much more. Enjoy and can’t wait for March 3.

Next week at Davos, though, we’ll post videos to my Qik channel from the World Economic Forum.


Why don’t tech bloggers write about Kenya

I got slammed on some blogs for not writing about Kenya’s problems. Truth is I missed that story because I was busy with CES and MacWorld and Fast Company stuff. Ethan Zuckerman, who founded Global Voices Online (which +is+ the right blog to keep up with human rights blogging from around the world comes to my defense, which I greatly appreciate).

Guy Kawasaki had a great guest post from a blogger who was staying in Kenya and barely escaped.

But the question about why the tech blogosphere doesn’t write about these kinds of things isn’t really a fair one. I write about technology. Gadgets. Interview technologists (last night, for instance, I videoed from inside Yahoo’s Brickhouse on my Qik channel).

I don’t usually write about stuff that I don’t have first-hand knowledge of. I’m not in Kenya. The Kenya story, as awful as it is, really doesn’t impact the tech world that much (and if you read Global Voices Online, which you should, you’ll see that Kenya is far from the only place in the world where awful stuff is going on).

That said, if I hadn’t been so busy and hadn’t been keeping up with my feed reading I would have put more things about this story on my link blog.

But you should read Ethan’s blog post. He’s right. We write about things we know about through a personal connection. I’m hoping to expand my personal connections next week at the World Economic Forum where we’ll talk more about this, and other issues that don’t seem to — on the surface — affect the tech industry.