This is not a blog.

Heh. I’m SO enjoying the blog break. I think I’ll keep it going for a few more days cause I’m not ready to come back. More on that when I get back.

Tonight, though, I dropped by BarCamp Block and got some historical video so wanted to point that out. Historical in that I aimed my Mac’s camera at a few of the people who started the BarCamp movement. Tantek Celik, Jeff Lindsay, and Ross Mayfield, among others. If you don’t know about it lets me turn on my Mac’s camera and record conversations without special equipment and without getting people to be TOO goofy. Although Ross Mayfield, founder of SocialText (where the first BarCamp was held) gets a bit goofy for my Mac. Yes, this was AFTER the BarCamp party where free drinks were liberally handed out.

If you are missing the BarCampBlock that’s going on now you really are missing something special. I didn’t attend Saturday’s sessions because Maryam and I were at a birthing class having our own educational experience. When I arrived tons of people told me I had missed the best BarCamp ever. That’s saying something because there’s been more than 200 BarCamps all over the world and it all started here. Read Brian Solis’ account to see just how special it is. He writes “The second anniversary of Barcamp was nothing short of extraordinary.”

Speaking of BarCamp, thank you to HP. HP really tried to come through and open up the garage but they have agreements with the neighbors that they can’t break. I know that my blog earlier last week was sent all over the company. That said, watch my Kyte channel tomorrow for more news about the HP garage. I’m quite honored by what they did — they got 12 of my Facebook friends into see the garage, which, of course, we’ll film and share with you.

Oh, and don’t miss the video we put up last week on ScobleShow.

Scott Klemmer, assistant professor in the computer science department at Stanford. Could you get into Stanford and have a chat with a professor who works across the hall from where Google was started. 48 minutes with tons of info on the latest computer science research.

Marc Canter, founder of Macromedia. Among other things. An hour with Marc. Marc links to the things we talk about which are as varied as Jewish food to digital lifestyle aggregation. Don’t miss this one.

New companies: Palore and Magnify and more over on too.

Anyway, keep watching my channel cause I’m having a lot of fun putting stuff up there.

More on BarCamp on Google Blog Search — there are several BarCamps going on right now around the world.

Anyway, see you in a few more days.

Oh, and tomorrow come and join us in Alameda for a Photowalking. Thomas Hawk has more details on that.