FaceSlammed by Bill Gates

About a month ago I found Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and added him as a friend on my Facebook network. But he did something that is termed “FaceSlamming.” He didn’t add me as a friend to his Facebook network. How do you FaceSlam someone else?

Let’s look. Right now I have six friend requests. It asks me to “confirm” or “ignore” a friend request. If I ignore a friend request, I’ve “FaceSlammed” them. They won’t get a notice, but they’ll see that they aren’t getting added to my Facebook group and they won’t be able to see my videos or other content I’m putting into Facebook. Basically they wouldn’t get access to my walled garden.

Other people who’ve FaceSlammed me? Nick Denton of Gawker media. Heheh. The gestures one can throw at someone just by clicking “Ignore.” 🙂

Anyway, how do you pick out the real Bill Gates on Facebook? (There are quite a few to choose from).

Well, I talk about that on a video on my Facebook Profile this morning. To get access to it you’ll need to Confirm our friendship. 🙂