Things on my mind…

Today Buzz took me over to see Steve Ball (he runs the audio and other media teams at Microsoft). Steve let me hold his new daughter. You can see her in this Kyte video that I shot with my Nokia N95 (which is why the video is a bit small and blurry).

Holding someone who is 19 days old is a cathartic experience. She is especially precious. I looked at her and asked myself “how am I making her world better?”

Then I thought about Maryam and Patrick, my son and partner in all things geeky, and Milan, our new son who’ll be here real soon. I haven’t been the best parent I could be. The best husband I could be.

Tonight I looked over my Twitters and blogs. They are angry. Confrontational. Disturbed. Hurt. Dismayed.

Those are not words to describe someone in a state of mind to improve the world. Part of it is so many people are making stuff up about me and/or my employer without any care as to my feelings or the truth that I’ve got to get some distance. Over the weekend a variety of people said I had quit my job. Then another “A-list” blogger said I had been fired. Neither are true. Much of what I read over on that Silicon Valley gossip site lately isn’t true and they have demonstrated over and over that they really don’t care about the truth. It really depresses me cause I thought blogging would be a tool for humans to get smarter, not stupider. Depression isn’t fun.

So, I’m going to try something else for a while.

Add to that the fact that I’ve learned more by having a conversation with an IBM lawyer for 30 minutes than I’ve learned from the average blog lately. Heck, I look at TechMeme and see articles about Glam. A copy of Digg. Instructions for leaking your own TV show on the Net.

Glam?!? Bubble?

This isn’t what gets me excited. In our book Naked Conversations I wrote that a good blog is “authoritative and passionate.” Truth is that when I looked at Steve Ball’s baby I realized I’ve been neither. I’d rather go hang out with someone who is building something interesting.

I’ll be back blogging when I can add value again. My video show at will go on (I have a ton of great videos coming this week) and I might do a Kyte video or two since I’m doing R&D there for PodTech. I’ve been having a ball with videos in both places lately and you’ve probably noticed that the quality of the videos is going up. I can’t wait for you to see the vid I filmed with Marc Canter at Gnomedex.

Anyway, have a great week and while I’m not blogging I’d love it if you left some ideas on things you’d like me to learn for when I get back.


A conversation with IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer

At the AlwaysOn conference I sit down with IBM’s top intellectual property lawyer. We talk about how he’d remake the patent system. The open source licenses he/IBM likes (GPL 2). Patent trolls.

Out of control bloggers who disclose things before they are patented. (Um, personal experience there).

And a lot more.

It’s not every day you get to sit down with one of the top software industry lawyers and have a conversation. Hope you enjoy.

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