Celebrity tipping point on Seesmic

As go celebrities, so go other things in our culture.

Today Seesmic got a HUGE win. The Indiana Jones crew, including famous movie stars and movie directors, are on Seesmic. Here, check them out:



There’s a lot more on this over on TechMeme this morning. These celebrities are so well known in our culture that I don’t even think I need to put their full names in my post. Ever heard of Harrison Ford? Steven Spielberg?

It’s interesting, CEO Loic Le Meur bristled when I told him that FriendFeed was the World Wide Talk Show. He said he was going to turn Seesmic into that and this shows that he’s probably right. Funny, though, that I first learned of this on FriendFeed. If you look at everyone this morning talking about Seesmic, you’ll see there’s a TON of new conversation happening thanks to these celebrities showing up on Seesmic.

How important is this?

MySpace’s CTO once told me that getting celebrities to use its service was key in getting hundreds of millions of people to use its service.

Congrats to the Seesmic crew!