This is why I love the tech industry…

Sometimes I get caught up in all the bubble and ego talk. You know, all that stuff that the industry insiders care about and what keeps tech blogging sometimes feeling like a high school (who has the bigger ego? The bigger puppet? Who is going to start a snit on Gillmor Gang? Etc. Etc.)

That stuff is all fun for the insiders as they create drama so that we’ll get you to pay attention and engage with us comment on our blogs.

But then, once in a while, something will happen that’ll snap you out of the World Wide High School and remind you that this industry does, indeed, create cool stuff that makes our lives more productive and interesting. Well, actually, for me, that happens very often because I have a front-row-seat on this industry and get to see tons of interesting stuff.

But this is one of those times when what you’re seeing and who you’re talking with is much more interesting than usual. And the response from people who participate (this was filmed live, with a live audience) tells me that I’m not alone in recognizing this was a special moment for my camera.

So, that was a long way of saying, don’t miss this conversation with Microsoft Researcher Andy Wilson. He’s the guy behind the “Surface” technology that you use your hands on. Thursday at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley offices he was showing off his latest version of that technology and taking questions from some interesting people themselves (my producer, Rocky Barbanica, who was a software developer for two decades before going back to film school, as well as someone from Symantec’s CTO Office were part of the conversation, along with people who dropped by my Qik channel while I was filming these).

It’s split into a few pieces because the cell phone connection died a couple of times, but you’ll see why I started up the phone again.

Part I 28 minutes long.
Part II 1 minute long.
Part III 6 minutes long. (physical objects interacting with virtual ones — freaking cool — he also explains the algorithm behind “pinch” interfaces).

Bonus interview: Research team that does bilingual translations live on Web pages, IM, and other places (Twitter?). That one is seven minutes and 43 seconds long.

This stuff is just so cool. If you agree, can you link to this from your Twitter account, your blog, or vote for this on Digg or Reddit? This conversation deserves a far wider distribution than my usual stuff because it could inspire kids to see how just one developer can change what we think of the tech industry. Thanks to Andy Wilson for the inspiring conversation and thanks to Microsoft Research for hiring him and helping this conversation to happen!