The First FriendFeed Event: MSFT and YHOO

Well, just spent the past four hours watching FriendFeed for interesting discussions about the Yahoo/Microsoft deal. This is the result. Page-after-page of conversations. It’s like a new talk show. There’s even an audio talk show that I participated in during this time. Do you see it on the feed? This is the new conversation. Now compare to Techmeme’s conversations about the same. It has a totally different feel, don’t ya think?

Which do you find more interesting, why?


Did Microsoft MVPs influence Ballmer against Yahoo?

Remember the recent MVP Summit? Where Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, asked them questions about Yahoo and seemed surprised by the answers? Reddit had a lot of reaction about that. Reddit is where many early adopters hang out. It sure seemed like Ballmer was surprised by the feedback he got.

Did that start the process that led to Ballmer pulling out his offer to purchase Yahoo?