Minggl shows future of social networking sites

Today Minggl came to my house and showed me their latest toolbar that joins Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace together. That’s pretty darn cool, although I can’t get it to work on Firefox’s newest betas (you gotta stick with old Firefox).

I’m trying it out on IE, and it is definitely the start of something interesting. What if such a toolbar could replicate all your photos between Flickr and Facebook? That’d be cool and a good way to defend against getting kicked off of Facebook.


Seeing the first Ethernet cable (and reusable paper) at Xerox PARC

I got a tour of Xerox PARC and got a look at a few research projects as part of a press day today. That all is pretty cool, you can see my videos over on my Qik page, there’s a few.

But the last one was pretty fun. The President of PARC, Mark Bernstein, gave me a tour around the famous lab where so much of our world was invented. We started at the first Ethernet cable in the world.

If you don’t know why Xerox PARC is so important, please read up on it on Wikipedia.

At the end of the interview I asked Mark if he met Steve Jobs the day that he visited back in the early 1980s (which was a famous meeting in of itself). I love his answer about that day, but I’ll let you listen to the video.

I have a feeling the wall in the video where the Ethernet cable is will eventually be cut out and put into the Smithsonian. It’s a hugely important piece of cable to our history. It was an honor to see it in place.

Here’s a video of the reusable paper that the researchers are working on.

Shhh, no one is on Twitter

If no one is on Twitter why am I getting a new Tweet every second?

Yeah, Kara Swisher’s friends aren’t on Twitter. Of course they are the same type who would look at you strange back in 1977 if you bought an Apple II for $5,000 like my dad did.

Jeff Clavier explains how this works.

Me? I have already turned off the autofollow because too many of Kara’s friends were following me. Heheh.