Google jumps on Big Table of Web Services

Google announced its new App Engine tonight. I was there shooting video and Mike Arrington has all the details in a wrapup post.

I shot four videos. Here they are:

Meeting some geeks before the event.
Part I.
Part II.
Part III.
Part IV. Watch Pownce’s developers give some feedback at the end.

UPDATE: Google just uploaded the official video, which is better quality. You’ll see me sit up at the front.


Living the David Allen program — “Big” news coming from Google tonight

Dang, keeping email inbox clean is impossible. At least it’s impossible if you want to have any time to blog. More than 200 emails answered today. Plus I took a little trip to Adobe, did two conference calls, and now am headed over to pick up Mike Arrington so we can head to Google.

What’s the David Allen program? To keep your inbox totally clean. I started the morning out with a totally clean inbox and am failing to keep it clean. Answer one, two come in. It’s time to get ActiveWords back so I can script some of my answers and get faster again.

Anyway, there’s some big news coming tonight from Google. At least it’s big if you’re a developer. TechCrunch will blog it and I’ll video it at about 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time on my Qik channel. Check in there often and you will be able to join us live.

Over on my FriendFeed you’ll see that I’ve actually been quite active on the Internet. I read more than 2,200 feed items in Google Reader today and shared a few of the best ones. Plus I’ve been active on Twitter and other places.

Earlier today I was over at Adobe and got a preview
of the new Video Player that they’ll be bringing out “soon.” We cover all sorts of topics about video. If you are a video producer you’ll want to check this interview out.

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at the Media Relations Summit, then onto Israel where I’ll be reporting from next week.

Translation: slower-than-usual-blogging will continue. Add my FriendFeed account to your aggregator and you’ll be kept up to date.