A look at the first Web server at CERN

Here’s the first part of our CERN tour. This part is with Ben Segal, who was one of Tim Berners-Lee’s mentors. He talks about the first days of the World Wide Web (it was invented at CERN) and shows us the first Web server.

Oh, can you spot famous science fiction author Bruce Sterling in the video?


The best of my cell phone videos

I shoot a lot with my cell phone, but not everything is good. Here’s just the good videos, hand picked for you. Thank you to Qik.com and my Nokia N95.

The tech innovators at FriendFeed
Here we meet the engineers behind this month’s hottest Web Service, FriendFeed. But these are some really special engineers: they were the guys behind several of Google’s top services like Google Maps, and Google Mail. Here we spend 46 minutes with them to learn more about what they are doing. Sorry for the abrupt ending, the cell phone died and we have a Part II where we finished off the Interview.
Part I
Part II

Demo of new Google/Outlook mail synch
Cemaphore last week announced its MailShadow for Google Apps technology that lets you synch up the calendars in Microsoft Outlook and Google’s Calendar, along with contacts and email. There are other synch systems, but this one works live and here we have a demo done by CEO Tyrone Pike.
Interview with CEO

Wine, fun, and business
What happens when Gary Vaynerchuk invites Digg founder Kevin Rose, New York Times best selling author Tim Ferriss, and me to a winery in Santa Rosa, CA? Some great business advice. Gary runs one of the biggest wine stores in America and does $50 million in sales per year. Also part of the conversation is DeLoach founder Jean Charles Boisset.

Meet the Crank behind PhotoCrank
If you read Fake Steve Jobs, you’ll see Photocrank in action. It lets commenters add funny things onto photos. When I met the CEO, Jeffrey Tannenbaum, he thought I was going to punch him (since Fake Steve Jobs uses it to take shots at me). I had a better idea, I’d turn on my cell phone and get back at him.

A micro wine innovator

Get into the wine cellar with master wine maker Shane Finley, who talks about his philosophy of making wine. You can find his website at http://www.shanewines.com and we got this tour thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV at http://www.winelibrary.tv

See AT&T’s new browser
AT&T has just released a beta of a new browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox. We have a first look with the team that built it.

New bookmarking service
ZigTag has a new way to do bookmarking. Sort of like Yahoo’s very popular del.icio.us, but easier to use. Here Scott Montgomerie, president, demonstrates the new service for me.