Meeting with Xerox CTO

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be interviewing Xerox’ CTO at its Palo Alto Research Center. This will be my first visit to this famous center (they basically invented almost everything we use in our modern computers).

What would you like to know? Over on Twitter there’s a bunch of interesting questions already.


Mind Meshing with Steve Gillmor

Steve Gillmor’s mind is quite a trip. You can see why on his post over on TechCrunch about Microsoft’s Mesh.

The only good excuse I’ve heard so far why Microsoft Mesh isn’t interesting is “I hate Microsoft.”

That’s a tough thing to overcome, but I thought Steve Gillmor was one of those who hated Microsoft too. After all, he bought a Mac and kept repeating on his blog “Office is dead.”

But, let’s translate Gillmor: Microsoft Mesh is fascinating. Agreed.

What do you think now that you’ve had a few days to check it out?

Heheh, I knew Twitter and FriendFeed was affecting my writing.