Facebook narcissism

Jim Russell caught something funny. (Or sad, if you look at it the right way).

Facebook should have a warning “you’re about to look like a self-absorbed a**h**e to the entire world.”

Well, now that we have my self absorption out of the way, anyone put up a page that I can be a “fan” of?


“Live” Rocketboom coming soon

I uploaded this to YouTube. Why? Cause Kyte.tv wouldn’t let me upload this file and because I’m considering using YouTube to distribute some of my videos. Chris Pirillo is seeing a lot of success there, one of his videos a couple weeks ago was viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Anyway, here’s a conversation I had with Andrew Baron, founder of the popular video show Rocketboom, on my cell phone as I drove him to the airport today. He told me that a “live” version of Rocketboom will be coming soon. He also gave me an update on what else is going on over at Rocketboom.

Speaking of YouTube: the video quality here is a lot better than Kyte.tv. Amazing how good my Nokia N95 looks on YouTube.

In the six-minute video Andrew praised DotSub. I love this service too and will be looking at how to use it for my own videos. What is it? It has the ability to embed translated captions into the video stream and anyone can add a new translation. This is going to be hugely important and is a feature I wish YouTube and Kyte would add.

UPDATE: did you see the truck go by at 4:41 in the video that says “more video on demand?” I didn’t even see that, but someone pointed out. Wild.

Visiting the mothership with the Rocketboomer

I gave Andrew Baron, founder of the cool video show Rocketboom, a ride to the airport today and on the way I found out he is an Apple fan. So, we pulled off the freeway and visited the mothership. Why do I say that? Well, check out this T-shirt. Short video, just to make all my “your videos are too long and boring” critics happy! Heh. You can only get this T-shirt at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

I’m also uploading a longer interview I did with Andrew too.