The “Android” of Journalism…

Today I learned that I actually work for Valleywag, but don’t get paid.

Hey, Valleywag is the Android of journalism!

For those of you who don’t get that: I do the work, Paul Boutin points out my messes. He Nick Denton keeps the advertising revenues. Sorta like working for Google on an open source cell phone project.

Works just like Android except replace “that loser Scoble” with “developers.” Oh, well, at least with Android they are handing out $10 million in prize money. With Valleywag my friends and coworkers call and email to point out what a loser I am. Hey!

Oh, and Ryan Block at Engadget told me he had his hands on Android.

Damn, double loser! 🙂


Scoble’s wrong about Android, commenters say

Scoble’s wrong. At least that’s what a good number of commenters say on my post yesterday.

On Sunday night I was being interviewed by Guy Kawasaki at the Stanford Publishing Course. Lots of famous publishers in the audience, including Scott Karp, who captured a few minutes with his video camera, and I told them this is why I like online media: it’s two way.

In old media if you see an idiot on TV you can’t effectively yell back. Today you can and I think that’s freaking awesome.

How do I know I really was wrong? Christopher Coulter agreed with me in those comments. He never agrees with me so I MUST have been wrong! 🙂

Getting ready for CES (Facebook vs. Upcoming event site test)

Friends of mine are already planning out their CES trips. Ryan Block at Engadget told me their planning is already well underway. I think they brought a dozen people last time, they always do the best coverage — in the BlogHaus we displayed their posts, along with tons of others from around the blogging world on screens there — I keep Engadget and Gizmodo loading on my cell phone so I always know what the best stuff is that’s happening at CES. Nice that this year Apple’s Macworld will happen a week later so Steve Jobs can’t take our attention away from the gadgets this year. Heh.

Anyway, Retrevo, the consumer electronics search engine folks, are already signed up with me to do a series of video shows from the show floor. Steve Broback and crew are planning a blogger party again. And Seagate/PodTech are hosting the CES BlogHaus again.

Speaking of BlogHaus, this year we’re going to have the same rocking bandwidth we had last year (Ben Higginbotham of Technology Evangelist said that we were a lifesaver last year because the Internet connection in their rooms wasn’t fast enough to get their videos up).

Also speaking of BlogHaus, this was a fun chance for me to run a little test and see which event service has more geeks on it.

I’d heard that more geeks were on Facebook than on other event sites, so I wanted to do a little test to check out that little theory.

Facebook BlogHaus vs. BlogHaus.

So far Upcoming has WAY MORE geeks than Facebook does. And people wonder why I praise so often…

Anyway, are you going to CES? Why don’t you join us in the BlogHaus?